From Seattle to the world, hello. :)

My name is Ben and I am a co-founder of Padded Spaces.  My partner (and mother) co-founder's name is Cathy.  We have one employee as of today, Heather.  We are so excited to have a product -Prop It Up- that our customers love!

Two months ago we began rapid-prototyping lots of different types of lap desks, made specifically for the iPad.  Over those weeks, we changed, altered, tweaked, and put the finishing touches to make the product you see today.

Two weeks ago we turned on the lights to our website, and began taking orders and sending out PR statements.

Last week we began delivering orders and sent out our first batch of review units.

That's our story up through today.  Please follow along to here about our new products, our progress and problems, and rest of the story of Padded Spaces. :)