This week we are sending out the last gripper strip fixes to customers. It is has taken longer than we had planned and hoped for. Thankfully our customers have responded with patience and resiliancy while we figured out the problem, solution, and logistics.

If you received replacement strips and are still having issues, please email or call us (872-222-PROP) right away. We promise to resolve any issues from this debacle.

Now that we have worked out the production kinks, production for the holidays is ramping up. Last year we simply couldn't meet demand, leaving store shelves empty for far too many days in December. Our #1 goal for the rest of the year is simple... STAY IN STOCK! It's easier said than done, especially considering we continue to have the #1 best selling iPad lap stand on We are up for the challenge. Given what we've quickly learned in the last few months since debuting Prop 'n Go, we're game!

Talk to you soon. Safe proppin'.