"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." - Thomas Edison

It turns out that taping grippy PVC to ABS plastic is hard, very hard. PVC becomes grippy by adding plasticizers. Wouldn't you know it, plasticizers love to eat-away acrylic adhesive. In short, that's why some gripper strips fail and peel up.

We've tried 3 different adhesives so far, but none have met our standard of uniform perfection. 

Now with the engineering help of 3M and other expert companies, we've discovered the strongest, longest lasting adhesive tape along with a more reliable manufacturing process.

We're happy to share today that all new Prop 'n Go's come with the new enhanced gripper strips. For all previously purchased Prop 'n Go's, if they exhibit any peeling issues whatsoever, new strips will be shipped immediately free of charge. Please email or call to report any troubles.

Conclusion: Perfection isn't attained through satisfaction. Perfection is an enduring pursuit. We at Padded Spaces have only begun our pursuit.

Ben Palmer

CEO - Padded Spaces