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Prop 'n Go

Introducing Prop 'n Go Tote

Since launching Prop 'n Go we've heard from many customers asking for three additional features:

  1. A wider foam base to accommodate different sitting positions
  2. A handle or shoulder strap to make carrying Prop 'n Go around the house easier
  3. A big storage compartment to keep gadgets safe and sound

It took two years of R&D, but we're quite pleased to announce Prop 'n Go Tote which brings these most requested features to life.

We started by making the soft base 7 inches wider than Prop 'n Go Slim. This should fit laps of all sizes.

Next up, we found the sturdiest handle around and developed a robust stitching pattern to keep it attached for years and years.

We didn't stop there. We decided to add a removable shoulder strap to transform Prop 'n Go Tote into a messenger bag. We nitpicked every detail, cleverly affixing the D-rings on the interior of the storage compartment, to keep the lines clean. There is even an integrated stretchy band to keep the strap tied when not in use.

Speaking of the storage compartment, since we made the base wider, it can hold large laptops and tablets. 15" MacBook Pro fits great. So does iPad Pro. We designed Prop 'n Go Tote to be super easy to get devices in and out. Easy-in. Easy-out. For the security-minded, a pro tip... push the handle inside the storage compartment and this really slows down opportunistic pick-pockets.

Also small details like adding a 7" pocket inside the storage compartment to hold accessories and a stylus holder that fits Apple Pencil or Microsoft Surface.

Prop 'n Go Tote is now available on and Amazon worldwide. Be among the first to try it out and leave a review!

From Chilly Seattle

We at Padded Spaces are trying to stay warm and cozy as the temp drops to the 20s in Seattle this week. Meanwhile, we've been feverishly preparing for the gift-giving season so you can present comfortable, useful products to your loved ones this winter!

This year we introduced new color options of Prop 'n Go and iBedside that are proving to be popular. Some color options are on sale, so grab those great deals before they expire.

Do be mindful of our 2015 holiday shipping deadlines:

United States:
Standard Shipping - Order by 12/18 for guaranteed delivery by 12/25
Expedited Shipping - Order by 12/21 for guaranteed delivery by 12/25

Standard Shipping - Order by 12/13 for guaranteed delivery by 12/25
Expedited Shipping - Order by 12/18 for guaranteed delivery by 12/25

Standard Shipping - Order by 12/17 for guaranteed delivery by 12/25
Expedited Shipping - Order by 12/20 for guaranteed delivery by 12/25

Standard Shipping - Order by 12/9 for guaranteed delivery by 12/25
Expedited Shipping - Order by 12/15 for guaranteed delivery by 12/25

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Surf's Up

Microsoft Surface RT is out. It is a fun Windows 8 tablet with unique features like a built-in kickstand and optional Touch Cover keyboard.

We've tested and found that it works great with Prop 'n Go, both in landscape and portrait orientation at all 14 angles. You can even turn Prop 'n Go around and use Surface with the keyboard cover. Prop 'n Go makes it comfortable to use Surface in bed and on the couch.


Comfy & Cute: Introducing Polka Dots!

We are happy to announce the release of a limited edition Prop 'n Go with a brand new look—the Prop 'n Go Slim with Polka Dots. 

With the classic comforts of memory foam and 14 easily adjustable angles provided by all versions of Prop 'n Go, Prop 'n Go Slim now comes with a stylish new pattern of black accentuated with fun and brightly colored polka dots. Along with the two original Prop 'n Go Slim colors of black and blue, this third Polka Dot option is perfect for those in need of comfort and a little extra flair.

Available for $34.95 at and with free shipping.

Feeling fancy?

Have you heard of Fancy? It's a neat new site that like Pinterest has collections of cool products and things. Unlike Pinterest, you can buy items directly from the site.

Today we launched a special Fancy store. Check it out. "Fancy" Prop 'n Go and unlock exclusive deals and discounts.

Introducing Prop 'n Go Slim

From Macworld Expo 2012 in San Francisco, CA.

Introducing Prop 'n Go Slim - a super thin, luxuriously comfortable, conveniently portable, and universally compatible iPad and tablet stand. 

Don't be afraid to let go

Prop 'n Go Slim contours your lap while your favorite gadget rests at the perfect angle. The slim, sensuous profile and memory foam base lets you use your tablet anywhere, comfortably. A simple one-finger angle adjuster finds your ergonomic sweet spot.

Keep your hands to yourself

Tablet stands are a dime-a-dozen. Prop 'n Go Slim stands above the rest by being the most comfortable to use on your couch or while relaxing in your bed. Watch Netflix, play Scramble with Friends, and browse Safari, all hands-free. 

Future Proof design

Upgrade and switch devices anytime. Prop 'n Go Slim is made to fit tablets and gadgets of all shapes and sizes. iPad, Kindle, Nook, Galaxy Tab - they all fit. Prop 'n Go Slim also works with cases like the iPad Case, Smart Cover, and almost all other third-party covers.

New and improved grip surface 

Push, type, and swipe without fear of your device moving a millimeter. The anti-slip surface and rock-solid angle adjuster keep your device firmly in place. Prop 'n Go slim makes use of a special non-slip silicon for maximum durability and grip to keep your tablet exactly where you want it.

Truly accessible

Arthritic wrists, fused necks, muscle fatigue, and weary bones all benefit from Prop 'n Go Slim. Hands are optional to enjoy your gadget. If you have special needs Prop 'n Go Slim is here to assist.


  • Thin flat memory foam contour base
  • Universal tablet support including iPad 1 & 2, Kindle, Nook, and many more
  • 14 easily adjustable angles
  • Upgraded anti-slip surface
  • Breathe-easy premium fabric


External dimensions: 10.5"x10"x1" (LxWxH)

Weight: 1 lb

Color choices: Black, Blue


Prop 'n Go Slim - $34.95 msrp


Shipping from beginning Feburary 3rd and on Feburary 9th.

Our Company

Designed and manufactured by Padded Spaces, LLC in Seattle, WA, makers of the highly acclaimed Prop 'n Go. Reviewed by The Unofficial Apple Weblog, featured in MacWorld, and purchased around the world. Padded Spaces was founded in 2010 by Ben and Cathy Palmer.

Gripper Strips v4

"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." - Thomas Edison

It turns out that taping grippy PVC to ABS plastic is hard, very hard. PVC becomes grippy by adding plasticizers. Wouldn't you know it, plasticizers love to eat-away acrylic adhesive. In short, that's why some gripper strips fail and peel up.

We've tried 3 different adhesives so far, but none have met our standard of uniform perfection. 

Now with the engineering help of 3M and other expert companies, we've discovered the strongest, longest lasting adhesive tape along with a more reliable manufacturing process.

We're happy to share today that all new Prop 'n Go's come with the new enhanced gripper strips. For all previously purchased Prop 'n Go's, if they exhibit any peeling issues whatsoever, new strips will be shipped immediately free of charge. Please email or call to report any troubles.

Conclusion: Perfection isn't attained through satisfaction. Perfection is an enduring pursuit. We at Padded Spaces have only begun our pursuit.

Ben Palmer

CEO - Padded Spaces

Delivering new gripper strips

Starting today, we began shipping replacement gripper strips to Prop 'n Go users. The packages contain two strips per Prop 'n Go and installation instructions.

To speed up the process, we are shipping the new strips as each production batch is ready, in order of purchase date.

Thanks for your extended patience. The fix is on the way.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

A quick update on the replacement gripper strips. Our partners have prototyped various samples to compare adhesive strength and longevity.

These prototypes are now resting in a refrigerator, hot box, and a humid room. In a few days we will again inspect the strips to see if there are any signs of failure. Once we are sure they're ready, we will begin shipping out replacements immediately.

Thanks for hanging tight with us. The fix is on the way.

If at first we don't succeed...

Nearly a month ago we discovered an issue with the gripper strips on Prop 'n Go. We quickly diagnosed the problem—weak tape, and found the apparent solution—stronger tape. All seemed to be better until a few days ago when we discovered a new problem. It appears this time the rubber "attacks" the tape, making it softer and weaker, eventually causing the strips to peel up. 

Instead of problem solving on our own, we're working with the component manufactures to find the best permanent solution. This weekend we will test a range of alternatives and choose the strongest replacement by Monday (8/8). Then we will mass manufacture the new strips and immediately mail them out to all customers. If you've previously ordered a Prop 'n Go, you will receive an email upon shipment of your replacement strips. Between now and then, continue using Prop 'n Go normally and if the strips begin to peel, simply push the strips down temporarily.

We're deeply embarrassed and sorry for this problem. It's more than that though. Our goal is to make the best possible products that make your life even better, and we've come up short recently. Needless to say, we've recently learned a lot about how to make truly great products (hint: obsessive product testing). Unsurprisingly we've also been reminded about how patient and awesome our customers are. Thanks for hanging in there with us while we figure this out.

Get a (better) grip

We have good news! The gripper strips that keep devices in-place and secure on Prop 'n Go have been upgraded. They're even stickier and more long lasting.

These upgraded strips come installed on all new Prop 'n Go orders.

But that's not all, we've decided to upgrade all Prop 'n Go's with better strips. Starting yesterday we began mailing out upgraded strips. If you previously ordered a Prop 'n Go, you'll receive the strips soon.

For instructions on how-to install, check out our special install page with a follow-along video demo.

We hope you enjoy the upgraded strips and keep on propping!

Even more options

Starting today we're offering Prop 'n Go lite (Microsuede) on It's reviews are lonely. Be the first to write a positive note!

Speaking of Microsuede, it's by far the most popular fabric! Customers have chosen Microsuede to Air-mesh 8 to 1. We've heard from many customers who are agonizing over the choice between the two. Let's try and settle the debate...

Microsuede (aka Microfiber)

  • Man-made, 100% Polyester
  • Ultra soft and comfy
  • Suede adds a little bit of traction to the fabric
  • Doesn't wrinkle or crush easily
  • Breathable
  • Available at &


  • Man-made, 100% Nylon
  • Sporty - looks and feels like professional sports jerseys
  • Ultra breathable
  • Anti-static - resists pet hair
  • Doesn't wrinkle or crush easily
  • Available at only

A big day.

After nearly a year in the making, tonight we released Prop 'n Go. A truly one-of-a-kind tablet lap stand. In case you missed it, we streamed the event live on for all the world to witness together. Lots of great questions and feedback are already streaming in. First, what is Prop 'n Go? It is an all-in-one lap stand featuring 1-finger angle adjuster. Unlike the competition, Prop 'n Go can be positioned in 14 hands-free configurations, while remaining rock-solid. Type or press as hard as you want, Prop 'n Go won't budge. Also included are 2 super gripper strips. These keep your device from slipping around. Next we have added a padded storage compartment to hold both devices and accessories. But wait, there is more...