Since launching Prop 'n Go we've heard from many customers asking for three additional features:

  1. A wider foam base to accommodate different sitting positions
  2. A handle or shoulder strap to make carrying Prop 'n Go around the house easier
  3. A big storage compartment to keep gadgets safe and sound

It took two years of R&D, but we're quite pleased to announce Prop 'n Go Tote which brings these most requested features to life.

We started by making the soft base 7 inches wider than Prop 'n Go Slim. This should fit laps of all sizes.

Next up, we found the sturdiest handle around and developed a robust stitching pattern to keep it attached for years and years.

We didn't stop there. We decided to add a removable shoulder strap to transform Prop 'n Go Tote into a messenger bag. We nitpicked every detail, cleverly affixing the D-rings on the interior of the storage compartment, to keep the lines clean. There is even an integrated stretchy band to keep the strap tied when not in use.

Speaking of the storage compartment, since we made the base wider, it can hold large laptops and tablets. 15" MacBook Pro fits great. So does iPad Pro. We designed Prop 'n Go Tote to be super easy to get devices in and out. Easy-in. Easy-out. For the security-minded, a pro tip... push the handle inside the storage compartment and this really slows down opportunistic pick-pockets.

Also small details like adding a 7" pocket inside the storage compartment to hold accessories and a stylus holder that fits Apple Pencil or Microsoft Surface.

Prop 'n Go Tote is now available on and Amazon worldwide. Be among the first to try it out and leave a review!