Nearly a month ago we discovered an issue with the gripper strips on Prop 'n Go. We quickly diagnosed the problem—weak tape, and found the apparent solution—stronger tape. All seemed to be better until a few days ago when we discovered a new problem. It appears this time the rubber "attacks" the tape, making it softer and weaker, eventually causing the strips to peel up. 

Instead of problem solving on our own, we're working with the component manufactures to find the best permanent solution. This weekend we will test a range of alternatives and choose the strongest replacement by Monday (8/8). Then we will mass manufacture the new strips and immediately mail them out to all customers. If you've previously ordered a Prop 'n Go, you will receive an email upon shipment of your replacement strips. Between now and then, continue using Prop 'n Go normally and if the strips begin to peel, simply push the strips down temporarily.

We're deeply embarrassed and sorry for this problem. It's more than that though. Our goal is to make the best possible products that make your life even better, and we've come up short recently. Needless to say, we've recently learned a lot about how to make truly great products (hint: obsessive product testing). Unsurprisingly we've also been reminded about how patient and awesome our customers are. Thanks for hanging in there with us while we figure this out.